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Prevent Car Locking Jamming

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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 16:42

Security Tips for your neighbourhood

Be vigilant about who the strangers are that are walking and driving in your vicinity. Do you know your neighbours and do you have their telephone numbers? Chat in the street where eyes can see you.

The robbers watch your routine, as well as your domestic and gardener’s routines. They look at the demographics of the household, e.g. How many men, elderly people, single persons. 

Change your routine as much as possible. Always be alert. 

Robbers like breaking in while someone is at the property because then they gain access to valuables that are locked away. Parked cars indicate the owners are at home. 

When you are at home close your garage door and lock safety gates. 

Most robbers make use of inside information (77% of information comes from employees or former employees) who know what there is to steal, where it is, and whether it is locked away or not. 

Make sure your employees are screened and you have their details on record. This applies to the pool and garden services too. Even on site security services or any other people working at your house. How much does your domestic servant know? Do you know your neighbours domestic employees? 

Robbers plan their getaway in detail, it is as important as the crime (they do not want to be caught). Normally, they target houses which are close to an open space or have access to a main road or back route. There will be some sort of getaway vehicle to pick the robbers up. 

Be vigilant and aware of strange vehicles in your area. Immediately report any suspicious vehicles or activity. 

Educate your domestic employee regarding access to your property when you are out. Let them know you will always tell them in advance if anyone is to be allowed entry. If they are in doubt they should phone you first. 

Do not leave keys hanging in doors or on hooks next to the doors – this is easy access for a robber. 

Robbers usually work in three’s and are armed. The houses are not “marked” but the robbers use cell cameras, sms and google earth. They blend in by walking in the areas and driving around and watching houses after hours. 

Keep the curtains or blinds closed at night and again be vigilant about strangers in the area. 

Chronological order of deterrents to robbers: Dogs, electric fences, fences, burglar bars, security lights, CCTV, beams, alarm systems. 

Integrate these systems and it will put robbers off from making your home a target. Do you respond to your dogs barking? Dogs have different tones for different things – listen to your dog. 

The trend for robberies is that they are more active from a Wednesday to Thursday, as it means easy cash for the weekends. 57% take place between 7pm and 12 am and 14% between 12 am and 7pm. This is not a hard and fast rule, just a trend. 

Be aware and take precautions!

Thursday, 21 July 2011 09:55

Crime Stats for Kenridge 11-17 July 2011

There has been a big increase in crime in sector 3 that has the men in blue very worried. As a result they are having a big combined anticrime operation in the area. This will be on Thursday 21 (today ) and Sat 23. It will involve our sector 3 cops, metro police, the mounted unit, the crime prevention squad and uncle Tom Cobly and all. It will involve road blocks at all the entrances to the area. These will be moving and will continue throughout the night. 

Capt Wentzel has asked that the neighbourhood watches, and in our case CNI  as well buy in and assist. What they require from us is for us to patrol our area in our private vehicles with at least 2 to a car. We will have the cop in charge’s cell number. Capt Josephs on Thursday 082 522 1299 and Capt Corneillison on Sat 082 522 1451. If we see anything or anybody suspicious we are to call. We are NOT to approach or try any heroics and NO weapons. I suggest a good torch and a flask of coffee (neat). They would like us to start at 19h00 and we can patrol as long or as short as we like and until as late as we like. There will be no briefing before, but anyone can liaise with Ken Hill on 082 7723 775. Our most vulnerable area is still opposite the vineyards near Altydgedacht, so we could concentrate our efforts there.

Please send out an appeal to our members to assist with this and so assist themselves.

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