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Mandated Area - Kenridge, Durbanville Hills, Door De kraal and De Bron. The area up Jip de Jager to end of Mara Road to Carl Cronje Drive to Old Oak (Kenridge Ext) was added in July 2005. Representation shall not be restricted to the area mentioned but may include any area contiguous or incumbent to the mandated area and from any person who may require assistance, disregarding the area in which they are resident.More information & our area map.

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Kenridge The Hills Rate Payers Association

The Kenridge Ratepayers Association (KRA) was formed during the early 1980’s and has been in existence for 25 years.   The first Chairman was Mr Lukas Olivier.  At that time, Kenridge fell within the Durbanville Municipality and had representative Councillors, Mr Eddie Fivaz and Mrs Julie Shaw. The KRA Chairman Mr Lukas Olivier was later elected Councillor, then Mayor and finally the first Mayor of the City of Tygerberg prior to the formation of the Metropolitan City of Cape Town. In addition, Mr Eddie Fivaz went on to become the Mayor of Durbanville.

Kenridge The Hills Rate Payers Association

In 1993 the KRA Committee unanimously approved a name change to include Durbanville Hills as part of the area of jurisdiction, thereby the addition of “The Hills” added to the name - thus was formed Kenridge, The Hills Ratepayers Association (known now as the KHRPA for short) .

In 2001 Kenridge, The Hills municipal boundaries were divided into 2 separate Wards  namely Ward 21 and Ward 70 and these, for administrative reasons, fall under two separate  Sub-Councils of the City of Cape Town.

  1. Ward 21 falls under Durbanville (Koeberg) Sub Council 7 - Northern part of our area of responsibility - from Upper Kenridge Ave northwards to Racecourse and Tindale Roads. (Map)
  2. Ward 70 falls under Goodwood (De Grendel) Sub Council 3 - Southern part of our area of responsibility - from south of Upper Kenridge Ave to the Elsieskraal River and Mara Road. (Map)


The KHRPA is a non-political, civic organization. We represent in excess of 2,200 residents and ratepayers of the area that is jointly serviced by Koeberg and De Grendel Sub-Councils. The Association involves itself in any issue of a Municipal or City matter that members consider may affect the area of representation.

In terms of the Constitution of the KHRPA, our aims are

  • To foster interest in the affairs and planned development of the area and to liaise with the Municipality and its officials and any other organisations in promoting and commenting on issues for the benefit of the residents.
  • To consider the Municipal and City policies and affairs and to further the interests of residents in the area.
  • To gather and disseminate information regarding Municipal and City policies and to take the necessary action      deemed advisable for the benefits of the residents in the area.

We receive no governmental or municipal funding but rely on donations and annual membership contributions from residents.

The Association is a founder member of the Greater Cape Town Civic Association (GCTCA) which consists of member Ratepayer Associations stretching from Hout Bay to the Helderberg and from Blaauwberg to Simonstown.

The KHRPA is registered with the City of Cape Town and participates and attends all local public meetings concerning:

  • Metropolitan urban planning.
  • Spatial development planning
  • Provincial Environmental Planning.
  • I.D.P. Meetings.

The Groups, Associations and Committees we support and have representatives on are:

  • Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA)
  • Durbanville Police Forum
  • City of Cape Town Ward Forum Committees - (Ward 70 and Ward 21)

We have contributed greatly with input from ourselves on behalf of residents’ for new Bill’s, Policies and development issues that affect our area: for example our comments of objection to the tolling of the N1, N2 and R300 highways as well as the ongoing  protection of our Urban Edge.

Complaints Centre

The City of Cape Town has a new Service Delivery and Complaints Centre which is working very well.

E: contactus@capetown.gov.za
T: 0860 103089 (07:30 to 17:00)

Roads, water & sanitation
E: waterTOC@capetown.gov.za
SMS: 31373

Solid Waste
E: wastewise@capetown.gov.za

Law Enforcement
E: contact

Important Security Info

Latets news from KNI about security in the area, please let everyone in your area know about this...

Did you know

  • According to building regulations, working times are as follows:

    Monday to Friday: Daylight hours
    Saturday: till 13h00
    Sunday: No Work

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